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Epitaphs on cemetery memorials 

are common and have been for some time

People decide to prepare epitaphs on their gravestones and cemetery memorials for many reasons (such as to summarize their role in life as a father or husband).  Others like to leave lasting messages on the cemetery memorials for the living to contemplate their own, ongoing lives.

Epitaphs can be chosen by the deceased beforehand while others are chosen by those responsible for the burial.  Epitaphs on cemetery memorials can also take the shape of aphorisms, holy texts, or humorous and witty sayings.

Here is a collection of epitaphs:

A life that touched the hearts of others lives on forever.

My trust is in God.

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.

Asleep in Jesus.

Meet me in Heaven.

Love illumes the realms of night.

Thy trials ended thy rest is won.

In my Father’s House are many mansions.

To die is gain.

At rest in Heaven.

Death is eternal life, why should we weep?

We trust our loss will be her gain and that with Christ she’s gone to reign.

She was the sunshine of our home.