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Family Owned and Operated Since 1920!

Creating cemetery memorials has been a tradition in our family since the early 1900’s when my great-grandfather, John Lloyd “Steck” Steckman, began his career as a memorialist. He learned his trade in Everett Pennsylvania at the Everett Marble and Granite Works. 

In 1920, he started Steckman’s Memorial Studio in Ellwood City, Pa. And now with the development of our online headstone and monument website you can design your own memorial with our Easy To Use Memorial Designer. You can feel Confident in buying your cemetery memorial online.

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Steckman's Memorials History

Steckman's Memorials Inc. Shop in Ellwood City PA – 1920s
Steckman's Memorials shop

This is the earliest photo of our shop in Ellwood City, it was taken sometime in the 1920s

3rd generation of monument builders
John Richard Steckman's
My Great-Grandfather

John Richard Steckman is the 3rd generation of monument builders in our family, he passed away in 2009. This photo was taken sometime shortly after 1950. John was in his 20’s.

late 90’s
History of Ellwood City
Rich Beachum & Pat Steckman
Veterans memorial

Rick Beachum, and Pat Steckman, alongside a veterans memorial that is still standing in our hometown of Ellwood City. Photo was taken in the late 90’s

early 2000’s
Family business
My father and my grandfather

A Picture of Patrick Steckman  and John Richard Steckman  was taken in Beaver Cemetery, in the early 2000’s

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